What Should Injured People Do After Being Involved in Trucking Accidents in College Park?

by | Sep 3, 2015 | Lawyers

Trucking Accidents in College Park can be devastating, causing lasting injuries and severe damage. When a person is injured in such an accident, they need to be aware of the steps they need to take so they can receive fair compensation for any injuries. It is crucial an injured person gets help as soon as possible so they can be guided in their decisions.

After Trucking Accidents in College Park, the police must be called. Some guilty drivers will try to avoid the police by promising the other driver they will pay for the damages in cash. While this may seem tempting, it can spell disaster. First of all, it is against the law to leave the scene of an accident. Second, a person who does not properly file a report with the police and with their insurance cannot be guaranteed they will be properly compensated. Always call the police to ensure the accident is properly recorded. Visit their website for more information.

After filing a police report, the injured party needs to seek medical attention. Unfortunately, Trucking Accidents in College Park often leave behind serious injuries. In many cases, accident victims are in shock and do not even realize they have been seriously injured. Getting checked by a doctor or hospital can allow an injured person to ensure there are no internal injuries that could end up putting their life in danger.

The next step in the process should be to contact a good lawyer. Accident lawyers can prove beneficial in helping people pursue compensation for their injuries and damages. They can prepare their client for working with the insurance company and recording statements. They can also pursue a case in court. Fortunately, these lawyers work on contingency so people can hire them and never have to worry about paying any fees unless they win their case.

If you are the victim of a trucking accident, click here and contact the Jaklitsch Law Group. The firm will work to help accident victims get the fair compensation the law says they are entitled to. Contact them right away and schedule your consultation appointment to get started on the process.

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