Steps to Take Before Filing Bankruptcy in McKinney, TX

If someone has difficulty making ends meet, finding a way to get finances under control is necessary. Failing to pay bills on time leads to interest payments and late fees, making it even harder to get ahead. Filing bankruptcy in McKinney, TX is an option. However, there are some other steps to consider to try getting finances back on track before choosing bankruptcy. Read on to find out more.

Keep a Detailed List of Bills

Many people are unaware of just how much they spend each month on bills. Knowing the exact amounts, as well as the dates each bill is due, will help to keep finances in order. This information needs to be listed in a notebook at the beginning of each month and referred to often. Listing the amount of money made each month will also be beneficial in determining how much cash is needed to pay off bills. If earnings are less than expenditure, some lifestyle changes could help to get bills paid as needed.

Temporarily Drop Non-Essentials

Dropping some of the luxuries someone enjoys regularly helps to pay other bills. Consider ditching cable television service, Internet or phone services, even if on a temporary basis, until bills are caught up. Don’t take trips to restaurants, fast food establishments or coffee houses, and instead make meals and beverages at home for less money. Let up on entertainment like going to the movies, bars or sporting events, and instead, partake in free activities like going to the library or taking a walk with friends.

Pick Up a Side Hustle

If there is still not enough money to pay the bills after dropping non-essential items, consider getting a side hustle for some extra money. Small jobs range from writing blog posts for companies, caring for neighbors’ pets when they go away, or doing some house cleaning. If necessary, upgrade to a full-time job for more money instead.

When filing bankruptcy in McKinney, TX becomes a need, the assistance of an attorney is crucial. Take a look at a website for more information today.

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