Signs it’s Time to Find a Different Bail Bondsman in Watauga, TX

by | Mar 27, 2019 | Bail Bonds

America incarcerates a higher percentage of its population than any other developed nation in the world. That means those who have been arrested are not alone. Since the American legal system considers someone innocent until he or she has been proven guilty, an entire system has sprung up to help detainees regain their freedom prior to their court dates.

The majority of inmates in county jails don’t have to remain incarcerated until their trials even if they can’t afford to pay 100% of their own bail. A reputable to can help his or her clients regain their freedom until they have to go to court but unfortunately, not all bondsmen are equally reputable. Those who are looking to post bail for their loved ones or themselves should always keep an eye out for these signs that it’s time to find a different bondsman.

Refusal to Show License

All bail bondsmen in Texas must be licensed. If an agent is refusing to show his or her license, potential clients should always heed this warning sign that something is amiss. The bail bonding industry is full of scams so it’s important never to give a down payment or sign collateral over to a bondsman who won’t provide adequate documentation.

Surprisingly Low Fees

If a bondsman offers his or her services for prices that seem impossibly low, it’s probably because they are. Most reputable bondsmen aren’t going to display prices on their websites or offer up this information without first being contacted by a potential client, either. If a bail bond company’s website claims that their or will be provided for an outrageously low fee or that no collateral will be required, proceed with caution or risk getting scammed.

No Company History

Try to find a Bondsman in Watauga TX through a company that has been around for at least a decade or two. Working with a company with a solid track history of providing reliable services is much less risky than hiring a bondsman who has only been licensed for a few months. Even if the bondsman is legitimately licensed, there will be no way for potential clients to evaluate his or her track history when it comes to customer service.

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