Saving Your Home-Do You Need a Foreclosure Attorney?

Often times, your home is one of your most valuable assets. More importantly, foreclosure can be one of the most difficult decisions anyone can face. In 2012, Florida foreclosure rates topped the nation! There are many reasons that someone considering foreclosure needs an experienced Florida attorney that is knowledgeable about the process. The ramifications from foreclosure can be penal. Typically, after a foreclosure, one has to vacate the property very quickly. Not to mention, foreclosures can remain on your credit report for years; the obvious consequences for these could prevent you from financing a car, getting another mortgage or even renting an apartment. It is important to hire an experienced lawyer, especially in the initial stages of a loan default. This is because doing everything correctly and timely is imperative.

In addition, it can often times be difficult to communicate with mortgage companies. These companies will often times request forms and paperwork after you have already submitted such documents. To make matters worse, these forms and documents are difficult to understand and can be quite confusing. When you attempt to communicate with mortgage companies, usually to gain information on how to answer some of the questions, you may be transferred from many representatives and have to explain your situation over and over again. Not to mention, mortgage and foreclosure law can be very complex and you certainly do not want mortgage companies taking advantage of a lay person’s lack of knowledge in the area.

Having a knowledgeable and experienced Florida attorney on your side can help guide you through this process. There are many steps and/or solutions that your lawyer can use to fight for your biggest and most important asset, your home. The attorneys at Law Offices of Sean I. Koplow know Florida’s foreclosure laws and also know how to communicate effectively with mortgage companies. Attempting to negotiate your own mortgage terms can cost you credit problems and your property. Moreover, having competent counsel will ensure that the mortgage company is playing by the rules.

It is important to choose a competent and experienced attorney that has extensive expertise dealing with foreclosure cases. An attorney will fight to represent your best interests through, an often times, grueling process. The attorney will then negotiate in order to reach a settlement that favor’s you, the client. Don’t risk one of the most valuable things you have earned in your life without having a knowledgeable and experienced foreclosure attorney in Wellington FL fighting on your side!

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