Accused of Murder? Hire the Best Criminal Attorney in Chicago

by | Nov 11, 2014 | Lawyers

Everyone who is arrested on a felony charge wants the Best Criminal Attorney Chicago to represent them. Many defendants like to hire attorneys who worked for the district attorney’s office or who were police officers. They believe this gives their lawyer valuable insight in how the prosecution works. Seasoned attorneys know that the police often don’t collect all of the evidence. Therefore they have their own private investigator who looks for evidence to show their client’s innocence. Sometimes they find evidence that someone else committed the crime.

When a woman is murdered, it is usually someone she knew. Generally the police start with the husband or boyfriend. If they find that there is a pattern of domestic abuse, they may stop looking for any other suspects. They then can become fixated on proving the case against that person. The defense attorney will have the private investigator cast a much broader net. He may find out that a neighbor is a registered sex offender with a lengthy history of attacking women. Once they review his previous crimes, they may be able to show that this current murder fits his pattern.

There may be no DNA evidence linking the neighbor to the murder, however the woman’s hair might have been cut in a distinctive pattern. If this matches the pattern in the sex offender’s previous crimes, it would be a very big coincidence. While the defendant still has no alibi, the Best Criminal Attorney Chicago will use this fact to persuade the jury that there is reasonable doubt that his client did not murder his wife.

If someone says they saw the defendant leaving the house with a large garbage bag the day of the crime, the defense attorney will work to discredit the witness. It has long been known, that eyewitness testimony is quite unreliable. If the defendant and sex offender have the same general appearance, the attorney will use this to say that the witness was just assuming it was the husband.

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