Reviewing Settlement Options With An Insurance Settlements Attorney In Fort Myers, FL

In Florida, insurance claims are filed for a multitude of reasons. Common accidents including auto accidents, slip and fall accidents, and even dog bites are covered under certain liability policies. Policyholder files a claim to obtain coverage for victims of the accidents. Once the claims are approved, the funds are released to the victim. An insurance settlements attorney Fort Myers FL assists victims when coverage is denied by the responsible party’s insurance or if the claimant’s own insurer refused coverage.

Insurance Settlements in Auto Accidents

After an auto accident, the at-fault driver must file an insurance claim to collect funds for injured parties. Since the state nullified its no-fault classification, more accident victims have filed lawsuits for their accident injuries and collected. The victim provides information about their medical expenses and at least three auto repair estimates with the claim. If the at-fault driver completes their claim properly, the victim could collect up to $20,000 for bodily injuries and a maximum of $10,000 for property damage.

Insurance Settlements for Premises Liabilities

Premises liabilities exist when a visitor becomes injured on another party’s property. The owner must be aware of the hazard that caused the accident, and it must be in a location on the property where there isn’t a possibility that the owner wouldn’t have knowledge of the risk. An insurance settlements attorney Fort Myers FL helps victims now.

Residential and commercial property owners file an insurance claim after the accidents to cover the cost of medical treatment for the victim. Homeowner’s insurance offers coverage that doesn’t exceed $300,000, but on average, the policies won’t cover more than roughly $5,000 for injuries due to a premises liability.

For commercial property owners, global and general liability policies cover expenses related to a premises liability. The standard policies provide a value of up to $250,000 for visitor-related accidents, such as slip and falls.

Filing a Claim Against an Insurance Agency

Lawsuits are filed against insurers who commit fraud and fail to provide coverage as outlined in the terms of the contract. Policyholders initiate the claims after filing a claim for coverage and receiving a denial from their insurer.

In Florida, insurance claims offer adequate coverage after accidents when the policyholder was deemed liable. A denial of coverage leads to legal claims and potential settlement offers. Victims who need assistance from an insurance settlements attorney Fort Myers FL can get more info right now.

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