Releasing A Loved One Through The Assistance Of Bailbonds In Oklahoma City

by | May 24, 2018 | Lawyers

If a loved one gets into an altercation with another person and is arrested as a result, it can be worrisome and stressful for family members. After receiving notice that an arrest has been made, the following steps can be taken to get the individual out of jail.

Contact The Jail Or Police Department

An individual should contact the jail or the arresting agency to receive information about the charges that were brought against a person and the bail amount that must be paid for the person to be released.

If a charged inmate was not scheduled for a bond hearing, details about the date and time of an impending hearing will be provided. With the information that was acquired, a decision can be made concerning whether the bail will be paid in full or if a bondsman will be hired.

Call A Bondsman And Provide Key Details

If a bondsman is going to be hired, a client will need to pay a percentage of the bailbonds in Oklahoma City amount to the bondsman and the bondsman will assist with getting the incarcerated person out of jail. When bail is paid, a promise is made that guarantees that the incarcerated person will show up for their future court date.

As long as this stipulation is fulfilled, there will be no additional fees that need to be paid to a bondsman. If the incarcerated person does not fulfill their duties, they are liable to be rearrested and could be charged with a more severe punishment and could also owe a bondsman additional money.

Meet The Bondsman

Schedule an appointment to meet bailbonds in Oklahoma City to discuss the steps that will be taken to release a loved one. In most cases, a bondsman will request a fee upfront and will ask that paperwork is filled out.

If this is the case, a client will have the opportunity to fill out the paperwork at a time that is convenient for them. After someone has met with Bailbonds in Oklahoma City, the assigned bondsman will drive to the jail and present the appropriate paperwork so that the incarcerated inmate is released.

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