Chapter 13 Bankruptcy: What is It and How You Can Find Financial Relief

No matter how much a person budgets their finances to ensure they have enough money to pay their expenses, events occur that can financially impact them. Divorce, the death of a loved one, reduction in pay, or an unexpected illness that makes it impossible to work are just a few reasons a person may suddenly find their self in financial trouble. From repossession of your vehicle to foreclosure on your home, if you fail to make your payment debt collectors will find a way to recoup their money. Fortunately, there are options available when you speak with Chapter 13 attorneys in Tampa.

Reorganize Your Debt

Chapter 13 is a request you can make with the court system to have your debts reorganized. Instead of having several monthly payments that you cannot afford to pay, Chapter 7 attorneys in Tampa can assist you in consolidating the debts into one payment that will be repaid over the next three to five years. This type of bankruptcy allows you the opportunity to retain your property without having to liquidate your assets to repay debt collectors. You can stop a foreclosure process of your home and avoid having your wages garnished that create even more financial problems for you.

Stop Being Harassed by Debt Collectors

When you select to hire the Law Offices of Robert M. Geller, they can file your bankruptcy for you. Once the paperwork is filed, debt collectors are forbidden to contact you again during the process. You can start living a peaceful life again while your request to consolidate your debt is being processed by the court system. Once you are granted the bankruptcy, you can start making the new payments that will help improve your credit score faster. Instead of letting the lack of payments reflect badly on your credit score and affect your ability to obtain a loan.

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