Details to Discuss with a Social Security Lawyer in Tulsa

In Oklahoma, Social Security Disability is an effective program that helps disabled individuals acquire financial support. The benefits are provided as Supplemental Security Income or Social Security Disability Insurance. The benefits are calculated either by the current rate or after a worker earns the benefits throughout their work history. A Social Security lawyer in Tulsa assists claimants who are turned down for the benefits.

What Income Is Included in the Household Income?

All earnings from jobs, child support, alimony, dividends from stocks or savings, interest from checking or savings accounts, and residual income are considered household income. If the claimant is a child, all income sources for their parents is included. If the claimant is an adult, the income of parties contributing to household expenses is reported.

Can the Claimant Work and Receive SSDI?

No, Social Security Disability Income is not the same as Social Security received after retirement. The claimant can receive the SSDI benefits only if they cannot work. Social Security retirement benefits, on the other hand, prevent the claimant from working for the first year. After which, their income is restricted.

Are Claimants Re-Evaluated for Eligibility?

Yes, all minor claimants who receive SSI are re-evaluated when they turn eighteen. The Social Security Administration must ensure that the claimant is still eligible to receive the benefits. Unfortunately, some claimants won’t continue to receive the benefits even if they have the same condition. Loopholes are often used to prevent adult claimants from receiving the benefits initially.

When Is a Legal Claim More Effective?

Each case is unique, and it is necessary to present the claim to an attorney for a full evaluation. The attorney reviews all evidence that the claimant has to support their case. The legal representative helps the claimant gather more evidence when necessary and submits the claim to the court.

In Oklahoma, Social Security Disability helps claimants support themselves with federal benefits. The programs provide assistance as soon as the application is approved. If eligible claimants are denied, a legal claim is possible and could help the individual acquire benefits and back payments. Each program offers a predetermined value around the first of each month. Claimants who need assistance can contact a Social Security lawyer in Tulsa or visit today.

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