Railroad Workers May Be Eligible For Compensation

It is not unusual for people that were employed by a railroad to develop cancer, what these people often fail to realize is that their cancer may be a result of the conditions under which they worked at one time. As kidney cancer is often a disease that develops over a lengthy period of time, they may realize only after many years have elapsed that their employment may have been a contributing factor to their current problem. These individuals should consult with a kidney cancer lawyer as there may be a viable reason to sue for compensation.

Factors that often contribute to cancer in railroad workers:

People employed in the railroad industry use and are exposed to a number of substances, both chemical and natural, that are proven to contribute to cancer. Although there are many chemicals used in and around the industry, those that are proven to be carcinogenic include benzene, asbestos as well as creosote.

Creosote, which has been banned for use by consumers, remains wide spread in the railroad industry, it is used in the treatment of ties. Those workers that are employed in right of way maintenance stand the risk of excessive exposure to this toxic chemical.

Within the railroad industry there are a number of exposure gateways for creosote caused disorders; wooden tie treatment facilities as well as wood products that have been treated with the chemical brew. Although those working in and around the railroad industry are exposed more than others, the same threats hang over the heads of people involved in marine piling installation and maintenance as well as those responsible for setting wood utility poles and fence posts.

Federal Employers’ Liability Act:

People that have been or are exposed to known carcinogens are more apt to suffer from cancer. Under FELA, railroad workers can hire a kidney cancer lawyer and sue their employer for injuries directly related to negligence on the railroads part.

If you have reason to believe that your kidney cancer is the direct result of your employment on the railroad you should consider suing for compensation. If you are looking for an experienced kidney cancer lawyer you are invited to Diesel Injury Law.

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