Pursuing Justice for Nursing Home Neglect Victims

by | Jul 30, 2018 | Law

The American Association for Justice has this to say about nursing home neglect, and abuse, an “increase in residents and the emphasis on profits has led to a distressing rise in neglected and abused seniors… Often, the only avenue for families to seek accountability and prevent further wrongdoing is through the civil justice system.” If you are hoping to get some sort of justice for nursing home neglect or abuse in the Chicago area, you’ll need to pursue that path.

What to Expect from Civil Cases

First and foremost, you need to know that a civil case is never just an attorney presenting matters to a jury and getting (or failing to win) a financial settlement. It requires that the attorney also prove what they are claiming by presenting evidence explaining how much compensation is needed, and often why. They might describe pain and suffering and seek punitive damages, and in cases of nursing home neglect or abuse, they also have to demonstrate that the problems were protracted.

How Experience Helps

If a loved one has suffered while in nursing home care, it is important to work with legal experts already familiar and experienced in such matters. After all, to prove that the suffering was extraordinary and protracted, that attorney needs to understand the issues. They can talk about bed sores to a jury, but an experienced attorney makes sure they clearly express how this issue feels to those suffering them. The beginning of the ulcer, the inability to move on one’s own, the pain as the issue is left untreated and spreads, and the finality of death due to rampant infection. And even more importantly, that experienced lawyer will explain that it was an avoidable or preventable issue, and that compensation is now due.

What Matters Are Pursuable?

There are many reasons that plaintiffs pursue cases of this kind, including falls, bedsores, malnourishment and dehydration, broken bones, medication issues, wandering and injuries sustained during it, and infections, among others. It never has to be specifically about the death of a loved one and can be about avoidable and preventable matters.

If you seek justice for a nursing home neglect case in the Chicago area, Mary Ann Covone, P.C., Attorney at Law is a highly skilled personal injury lawyer. Striving to help families dealing with the results of nursing home neglect or abuse, she can offer negotiation, mediation and courtroom work.

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