Tips for Using SEO as a Divorce Attorney

by | Jul 31, 2018 | Attorney

Search engine optimization, or SEO, can be a complex issue regardless of your professional or specialization. To achieve the needed SEO to rank highly on search engines like Google, it requires the help of an expert. What you are striving for is having the highest possible rankings and being listed in the search results for various relevant keywords for your company type. SEO for divorce lawyers in Chicago, IL, can be even more complicated, which is why we want to offer a few tips.

Avoid Over Optimization

This might seem like a strange tip, but it’s possible to optimize your website too much. It is often done by amateurs who tack on dozens of keywords to every page of a site. We call this “keyword stuffing,” and it can lead to lower ratings instead of higher. You want to have keywords that matter, but you don’t want to include them at the expense of having useful and original content for current and potential clients. It’s a constant balance and finding the right mixture may take some time.

Choosing the Right Links

As a lawyer, there are certain things to consider when choosing sites to link to. You want to make sure the website is a powerful one. Any site that has thousands of views a month is going to be useful for your users. You also want to be sure all the links you incorporate are directed to a safe website. Google, and other search engines will notice if you link to spam or fake site and it will count against you. Beyond that, the biggest concern is ensuring the links are relevant for your audience and industry.

The Right Solution for Success

Once you have the traffic on your site and have a specific marketing team, you’re sure to reach high on Google’s ranking list in their search engine, and your business will start to flourish. Companies who offer digital marketing for law firms can help with your SEO by categorizing your website to make it easier for possible visitors to find exactly what they are looking for on your site.

Get in Touch Now

If this sounds like something that could offer an advantage for your firm, you should reach out to Forward Marketing. We have helped build websites and perform site optimization for many law firms.

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