People Seeking Disability Law Firms for Representation

Filing a Social Security Disability (SSD) Claim is time-consuming and overwhelming. Many put off filing for benefits for this reason and many others. Most claims take months to process and can leave people feeling anxious and uncertain. Many claims are denied the first time filed and require Disability Law Firms that know how to deal with the appeals process to get the proper benefits approved for clients. Most people will not file a claim because they feel their medical condition will improve over time only to find that they have waited too long and are not getting better.

Lawyers who handle SSD and Social Security Income (SSI) claims have a working knowledge of all the documents a person will need to attend the initial interview with the Social Security Administration. People also do not realize that they have a right to hire legal representation for every step of the filing process. Having a lawyer present helps to ensure that clients do not miss an opportunity to file for all the benefits they may qualify for, for themselves and dependents in their care.

Disability claims filed initially have a 65% chance of being denied; the reconsideration process has an even higher rate of denial at 85%. Disability Law Firms work to make sure that clients are prepared correctly for each step of the filing process and have resources on hand to help argue the case to the appeals board if necessary. These legal firms deal with the Social Security Administration regularly, and they know how to handle the requests they will make on the person filing the claim. Many who file claims without the assistance of a lawyer will find the process to be intimidating and are less likely to follow through with the appeal process denying themselves the compensation owed.

Working with a legal firm gives clients the confidence to deal with the process of filing for Social Security Disability. Even if someone has already started the process and fears being denied, their firm will step in to handle the claim until it is approved. Their legal team is prepared to tackle all the paperwork involved in the filing of disability benefits and will represent a client from start to finish. You can also connect with them on Facebook.

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