Pedestrian Injury Advice from an Auto Accident Attorney in Wichita

Injuries suffered by pedestrians on interstate highways present complicated factual and legal issues that auto accident attorneys in Wichita can easily handle. Pedestrians are obligated to protect themselves against dangerous circumstances, otherwise their injury claim can be reduced or barred.

Nevertheless, certain instances exist in which a pedestrian injured on the interstate can make a recovery. An injured party can pursue a negligence claim against an at-fault driver, and the person may also have a claim against a federal or state agency for poor roadway design, maintenance, or construction.

If a person is injured as a pedestrian on an interstate, they should call a personal injury lawyer to discuss their case. Pedestrian accidents on interstates are more common than one might think. Over 10% of all fatalities happen on interstates, and there are various reasons why a pedestrian would be on a highway.

• Entering or crossing: It may seem hard to believe, but many pedestrians are on the interstate because they’re crossing it. Given the average speed on these roads, it’s no surprise that many accidents occur because a motorist had no time to avoid a collision.

• Walking after dark: Over 90% of accidents involving pedestrians happen after dark. Contributing factors are driver inattention, intoxication, and suicidal behavior.

• Standing or walking alongside the road: A person struck by a vehicle while standing on the shoulder of the road and driver distraction causes the majority of these accidents.

• Working on a vehicle: A person might be on the interstate because of a vehicle’s mechanical failure, and he or she may be there to push the car out of the road or to work on it. Such crashes often involve driver inattentiveness, drunkenness, or drowsiness.

• Involvement in a previous accident: A person injured on an interstate highway may be on the road because of a previous accident. In some cases, they’re inspecting vehicle damage or waiting for assistance. Such pedestrian accidents result from a combination of poor road lighting and driver inattentiveness.

An interstate is a dangerous place for drivers, and it’s even riskier for pedestrians. Most pedestrian accidents are avoidable, and a person’s conduct before the accident may possibly prevent a recovery. If someone is injured while walking or standing on the interstate, they should call an auto accident attorney in Wichita,

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