Fighting Back Against Employers With Employment Discrimination Attorneys In Springfield, MA

In Massachusetts, employers are subject to civil penalties if they discriminate against workers willfully. Under federal law, employers cannot deny employment based on anything other than experience, skill, or abilities. They cannot deny employment or promotion based on their own personal beliefs or opinions.

Common Reasons for Employment Discrimination

The most common reasons for employment discrimination are race, gender, religion, and sexual orientation. Discrimination based on these reasons is prohibited under the Civil Rights Act of 1964. New provisions were established in the 1990s. Under the Civil Rights Act of 1991, any individual who is a victim of employment discrimination for these unlawful reasons has a legal right to monetary awards.

Retaliation for Reporting the Employer

Employers who are reported for discriminating against current employees may retaliate. Common tactics used as retaliation is unlawful termination. The employer’s actions could produce a hostile work environment. This tactic is used to make the work environment intolerable in an attempt to get the employee to quit. Employment Discrimination Attorneys in Springfield MA help victims of these unlawful actions.

Identifying Age Discrimination

Any applicants or employers who are forty years old or older are covered under the Employment Act of 1964. Under these federal employment laws, employers cannot deny employment based on age. Any employer who follows a trend of hiring younger applicants only could establish grounds for a discrimination case.

Identifying Cases of Pay Discrimination

Under the Equal Pay Act of 1963, employers cannot offer a lower pay to these employees based on gender. This applies to workers of the opposite gender that perform the same job duties. Employers who increase wages based on gender solely are in violation of this law.

Federal employment laws are upheld in the state of Massachusetts. These laws apply to specific occurrences of employment discrimination. Violations of these laws infringe on the civil rights of the applicant or employee. Workers who have become victim to any discriminatory actions have the right to file a claim. To file a formal claim today, hire Employment Discrimination Attorneys in Springfield MA by contacting The Law Office Of Michael O. Shea P.C.

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