Have You Suffered From a Personal Injury in Rapid City SD?

by | Aug 19, 2015 | Lawyers

Whenever a person is injured because of the fault of another, this is considered a personal injury case. Personal injuries may occur because of car accidents, slip and falls and even assault. Those who have become injured under these types of circumstances are often ill-prepared to make decisions on the pursuit of their claim. Though the insurance company is meant to help injured victims, they often end up giving them the runaround, doing all they can to delay payment or even deny a claim entirely. When a person has suffered a personal injury in Rapid City SD, they need to be aware of their rights in pursuing a claim.

There are a few different options a person has when trying to settle a case for a personal injury in Rapid City SD. The first approach most lawyers take is pursuing the insurance company over the case. Since these businesses often seek to protect their bottom line, lawyers must often resort to pursuing a claim through mediation meetings or taking the case to trial.

If mediation meetings help to settle a case, the lawyers will present the agreed upon settlement to see if the judge will sign off on the agreement. Once all signatures are in place, the settlement is legally binding in court.

Trials often take longer to settle a case, but further evidence can be submitted that may allow an injured person to receive the fair and just compensation they deserve for their injuries. Through medical records, bills, police reports, damage inventories and eyewitnesses, a lawyer can help to prove a client was injured because of the direct actions, neglect or incompetence of another person or business. In trial situations, juries are held responsible for deciding liability and awarding compensation.

To further learn about personal injury in Rapid City SD, it can be helpful to contact a lawyer and schedule a consultation appointment. Through these services a lawyer can provide legal help so an injured person can receive the fair settlement they deserve for their injuries and damages. Since most lawyers work under contingency and offer free consultation appointments, a person is not at risk for getting help by a lawyer.

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