Overcoming Obstacles and Managing Delays in a Veterans Corner in Oklahoma City, OK

by | Nov 9, 2015 | Lawyers

The roadblocks and obstacles for medical coverage for veterans are disheartening. There seems to be a never-ending string of media reports about the Veteran’s Association that has underdelivered and overpromised. Politically, the situation is out of hand. But, veterans really care about the individual treatment they will receive. It is a problem that should be social, and a Veterans Corner in Oklahoma City OK, is trying to make that happen.

The Veteran’s Association is reporting roughly 400,000 claims that are pending at any given moment. Though this number has been cut in half since 2012 from a lofty 800,000, it is still astounding. The most common problem any veteran will face in receiving benefits is delays. There are simply too many claims and too many veterans needing major help.

This backlog has also forced an increasing number of processing errors from the office. The VA is reporting a 96% accuracy overall. It is a number that will likely never reach 100% due to human error, but there are tens of thousands of people dealing with processing errors. It may become problematic enough to warrant an attorney. The processing errors are similar to identity theft in that it is difficult and timely to discover what is accurate and what is not. At best, it will force even more delays. At worst, it could force proactive legal action. It is obviously causing many perfectly suitable claims to be denied or delayed.

The Veteran’s Association has come a long way, and major strides have been made in reducing the quality of errors in getting the claim backlog at a more tolerable amount. But, these obstacles are still present. Attorneys can help speed along the process by giving a veteran a viable representative in the VA.

The Veterans Corner in Oklahoma City OK, is one of the many resources veterans have to speed along the complicated and government influenced Veteran’s Association. Veterans do not deserve to be left out in the cold when it comes to their medical care, especially after all they have given. Veterans can click here for more info for disability coverage.

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