McGlone Law: Contact Them after Accidents and Injuries

by | Nov 18, 2015 | Law

Accidents and injuries can happen at any time. These may include automobile accidents, slip and falls, or injuries from defective products, animal bites and even wrongful deaths. No one can foresee the future, prepare for lost wages or high medical bills. However, an attorney can assist in dealing with these unforeseen events. Although it may not be the first thought, consulting an attorney as soon as possible is important. Attorneys can begin investigating immediately before evidence is tainted or lost. They can also negotiate with any insurance company, which may yield more favorable results than negotiating on your own. Lawyers with experience in these types of cases should be consulted.

Automobile accidents can result in serious injuries that can prevent a person from working. This means there is no money to cover the high cost of medical bills that result from the incident. Attorneys are capable of calculating the loss of future earnings to assist in this stressful life event. Slips and falls can happen anywhere and for any reason, on personal, business or municipal property. Assessing the damage and who is at fault is essential in filing a claim against the proper party. Issues such as icy parking lots, slippery floors and uneven sidewalks are some causes of accidental injuries. Product recalls continue increasing, contributing to personal injury to uninformed consumers. An attorney can determine if the manufacturer is at fault and request a fair compensation for any injuries. Animal bites also fall into the category of accidents and injuries. Children are at the highest risk of animal attacks and can be maimed for life. A wrongful death can be a huge emotional and financial loss. McGlone Law can determine the compensation for medical and funeral cost and overall loss.

No one wants to think of bad things happening, but when they do, it is best to make smart decisions. The attorneys at McGlone Law can advise on issues regarding accidents and injuries. Consulting an attorney regarding any of these events is a wise choice. For more information. Accidents, injuries, and deaths may not always be preventable, but having a plan afterward may make those stressful events a little bit more bearable.

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