The SSA and Doctor’s Orders: Are They Required to Comply with My Doctor’s Suggestions?

by | Nov 21, 2015 | Lawyers

Being in Atlantic City on Social Security Disability can be very confusing. You are most likely getting tons of information from many different sources. You are probably wondering who to trust, especially when different info doesn’t sync up or is even contradictory. Your attorney will help to clear up lots of confusion, but considering you’ve likely become somewhat close with your doctor over the course of your disability you trust them a great deal. But does that mean that you can trust that the Social Security Administration will follow your doctor’s orders?

Like everything with the Social Security Administration, the answer is somewhat complicated. No matter the situation, the Social Security Administration will take your doctor’s orders seriously, and will give them weighted importance. However, depending on the situation they are not required to follow of your doctor’s orders and suggestions. When deciding if you qualify for disability or not, the Social Security Administration requires doctor’s notes, reports, and basically all the information pertaining to your case. However, they also use their own team to examine you and will draw conclusions from that examination to make the ultimate decision. It is not uncommon for the Social Security Administration to find someone not disable based on the findings of their team even when a doctor has found that under their definition the patient is disabled. This is because the Social Security Administration will take in several factors other than the patient’s medical state to decide disability, mainly the patient’s ability to get work that they could do even with their current medical state.

On the other hand, the Social Security Administration takes your doctors treatment order very seriously. To get approved for your disability claim, you will likely have to show that you are either undergoing treatment or actively seeking treatment. There are acceptable reasons not to be seeking treatment, such as no treatment existing, or not being able to afford treatment. But if you are not following your doctor’s treatments orders when the Social Security Administration deems you reasonably able to do so, it can lead to you being denied benefits. So while the Social Security Administration will always use your doctor’s orders, they are not required to follow them in all situations. Click here to know more.

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