How Bonding Agents in Pontiac Handle Bonds if Terms are Broken

Those who obtain a bail bond to help a loved one need to make sure they understand the terms of the bond. The arrested person will need to adhere to all of the terms of the bond carefully, as there can be many repercussions for the terms being broken. Some of the options Bonding Agents in Pontiac have to handle this include the following.

Require Payment in Full

When a bail bond is obtained, the person getting it pays a small deposit or uses something of value as collateral. The bondsman then pays the full bail amount to the jail. If the terms of the bond are followed, the bondsman receives their money back and the person who obtained it only needs to pay a fee for the services.

If the terms are broken, however, the bondsman won’t be able to get their money back from the court. If this happens, the bondsman will likely require the bail amount to be repaid by the person who obtained the bond. If the person obtained the bond using collateral, they forfeit the collateral. If they paid a deposit, they’ll need to pay the remaining amount.

Arrest Warrant for Arrested Person

A bail bond is intended to secure the release of the arrested person. As a part of the bond, anyone released on bond is required to attend hearings and remain out of legal troubles while out on bond. If they are arrested again, the bond can be revoked. Another way for the bond to be revoked is if they do not attend the hearings. This is considered skipping out on bail.

If this happens, the bondsman will not receive the funds they used for the bail back from the court. Along with requiring repayment for the bond from the loved one, there will be an arrest warrant issued for the arrested person. If they are stopped by the police, they can be taken to jail and will likely need to remain in jail until their hearings are finished.

If you need a bail bond for a loved one, Bonding Agents in Pontiac can help. Clarify the terms of the bond before obtaining it to make sure you understand the risks and how to mitigate them. Visit EZ1 Bail Bonds online today to learn more or to start the process to obtain a bail bond. Like us on Facebook.

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