How Bail Bonds Work

When you need to get out of jail, it can be a frustrating process if you do not know who to contact. Unlike Monopoly, which features a “Get out of Jail” card, real life does not make getting out of jail nearly as easy. That is why you need to learn more about posting bail and how the bonds work.

To begin with, each state has its system concerning bail bonds. The bail bond system offers each person who is arrested for a crime to get out of the confinement of a jail cell. He or she can stay out of jail while awaiting trial. Again, various states provide different options. However, the basic principles remain the same.

Therefore, you might say that bail bonds are equated with freedom – freedom to plan your case for the best possible outcome. You certainly do not have that kind of latitude if you have to wait in jail. To understand how posting works, you need to learn more about making bail.

What Is the Bail?

The bail is typically money that is deposited with a court to convince a judge to allow a defendant to get out of jail. Therefore, the bail bond is the promise made by the litigant or surety, or someone who promises to pay for the defendant. A surety can be represented by a friend, family member, or an agent of a bail bond company.

To make use of bail bonds services, the defendant must wait for a judge to establish the bail. A defendant is considered less of flight risk when he or she has links to area employment and minimal criminal background. Both sureties and defendants may post bail with a court clerk during normal business hours or make a posting after hours at the jail itself. The jail or court issues a bail bond receipt to prove a posting was made.

Where to Learning More about the Bail Bond System

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