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by | Apr 30, 2018 | Attorney

Slip and falls account for thousands of injuries every year, and some of them can be life-threatening. There are many reasons a person might experience a slip and fall injury, and many of them are caused by property owners’ neglect. When someone has been injured because of the neglect of a property owner, it is important the victim seeks help from a slip and fall attorney in Gig Harbor. With the help of an attorney, the injured victim can receive fair compensation for their injuries.

How to Get Started

If someone has experienced a slip and fall, their first goal should be to seek medical treatment. Sometimes, serious injuries can result from a fall, including head injuries and broken bones. One of the biggest mistakes an injured victim can make is waiting too long to seek medical treatment. A medical examination can rule out any serious injuries and will also be offered as proof for measurable damages.

Once a person is under the care of a doctor, it is wise for them to consider scheduling a consultation meeting with the slip and fall attorney in Gig Harbor. A consultation meeting is important so the person can learn about their legal options, the value of their claim, and what they can expect from the attorney.

Some slip and fall claims will involve an insurance company, and it can be extremely difficult dealing with an insurance adjuster without the help of an attorney. Often, the insurance adjuster will offer a lower settlement or even unfairly deny a claim when there is no attorney involved.

When an attorney is working on behalf of the injured victim, the insurance adjuster is held to a higher standard. The attorney will offer aggressive negotiation with the insurance adjuster to make sure they are held accountable. In the event a fair settlement cannot be reached, the attorney will pursue a lawsuit.

Get Help Today

If you have been injured in a slip and fall claim, it is imperative you hold the property owner accountable. To learn more about how an attorney can help you, contact us and schedule a consultation appointment right away.

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