Fight for Your Right to Custody in Newnan, GA

by | May 3, 2018 | Lawyer

Few legal cases are more difficult on all parties involved than a divorce. You and your significant other had such great hopes, so many plans, and now, all of that is at an end. While on the one hand a healthy and even amicable divorce can be a brilliant new beginning for both of you, the fact remains that there are still details to be hammered out. Figuring out who gets what in the wake of a divorce is always difficult, but when the subject turns to children, tensions can start to rise, and understandably so.

We all want what’s best for our children. For you, that means being a part of your child’s life. You still want having a child to be part of your future, and with the help lawyers for custody in Newnan, GA, it still can be.

A Compassionate Attorney

One of the most important qualities for any attorney dealing with custody battles is compassion. First of all, this process is difficult on all involved, and you want an attorney who’ll recognize and respect that. Moreover, you want to make sure your children are protected from legal proceedings as much as possible. The best custody lawyers thus work with their clients to help ensure that their children are treated fairly throughout the entire process.

Arguing Your Case

When facing a custody battle, you need to prove to the court that you are a fit parent or guardian for your child. This can be determined by several factors, from character assessment to a review of your financial solvency to your past record as a parent. The best attorneys in such settings argue for their clients on all of these grounds, building a compelling case for your being allowed to retain partial or full custody of your child.

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