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by | Sep 13, 2017 | Law & Legal Services

CDS Legal specializes in managing E-discovery. Electronic discovery or E-discovery is the process where all parties involved in a legal case collect, review, preserve and exchange information. The information is preserved in electronic format so that all parties can view evidence in the case. There is a wide range of formats that the information can be saved in and the best companies that specialize in E-discovery preservation will offer support for a wide range of formats. E-discovery management from the right source seamlessly controls the flow of information and protects the data.


Electronically stored information or ESI can range from simple emails to data that is specific to a company’s data base. The best management sources can manage all ranges of ESI and do it effectively with minimized risk of corruption.

Who Needs CDS Legal Services?

There are three primary industries that typically seek the services of a trusted agent for e-discovery:

  • Law firms
  • Government entities
  • Corporate entities

Law Firms

Managing discovery is easier when you have a service that offers the benefits that your firm needs like support for complex data and short suspense schedules. CDS has the expertise in areas like healthcare, pharmaceuticals, international cases, financial service cases and more. Partnering with law firms to manage discovery has made CDS the first choice of AM Law 100.

Government Entities

For government entities, it is crucial to have the strictest level of security on board to successfully manage data. CDS exceeds the standards with a highly secure infrastructure.

Corporate Entities

Cost effectiveness, secure management, data analytics and more help to meet the needs of corporate entities and provide the excellent support that is needed for litigation and more.

Reduce Risk

Data is imperative in many cases, reducing risk of data corruption or manipulation is highly dependent on using the right source for e-discovery management. CDS is that source! For more information, visit Complete Discovery Source.

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