Exploring Increases In Charges Through DUI Law In Twin Falls, ID

by | Sep 13, 2017 | Law & Legal Services

In Idaho, DUI charges are based on the blood-alcohol content reading at the time of the arrest. However, several factors could apply that could affect how the driver is charged. These factors could increase the penalties presented by the county. An attorney assesses these factors through DUI Law in Twin Falls ID.

The Blood Alcohol Content Reading

The blood alcohol content reading defines whether or not the driver is charged with a standard DUI or aggravated DUI. The standard DUI charge is defined by a reading of 0.08 percent. An aggravated DUI charge is defined when the blood-alcohol content reading reaches 0.15 percent. An aggravated DUI presents an increase in the penalties.

Who was in the Vehicle?

The individuals who were inside the vehicle also play a role in how the driver is charged. An aggravated DUI charges could also be established by this information. For example, if the passengers include any child under the age of 14, the penalties are increased. If the passengers are infants under the age of two, the county could present even further penalties after a conviction.

Did an Accident Happen?

An auto accident that involved a DUI could present the driver with additional charges. However, the county must prove that the drunk driver caused the accident to add the extra charges. If the drunk driver’s passengers were injured, they could face reckless endangerment charges if they were children.

Did a Fatality Occur?

If a fatality occurs, the drunk driver could face manslaughter charges. The circumstances of the accident define whether or not the charge is manslaughter or vehicular homicide. This is defined by the drunk driver’s intent. If they hit another vehicle on purpose, they could face more extensive criminal charges in addition to the DUI.

In Idaho, DUI charges are enforced to lower the risks on the roadways. The officers who arrest the driver must have probable cause before making the arrest. The officers define the exact charge applied due to other circumstances related to the initial charge. Drivers facing charges under DUI Law in Twin Falls ID can get legal support through an attorney today.

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