Identifying Premise Liabilities With A Slip And Fall Attorney In Grand Rapids, MI

by | Sep 13, 2017 | Lawyers

In Michigan, property owners follow regulations for maintaining their property. The type of property defines what regulations are applied. For example, commercial properties must be compliant with OSHA regulations. It must also be free of risks to any visitors who enter into the premises. A to helps victims file legal claims after an accident.

Damaged Spaces Inside the Building

Damaged spaces inside the building are a common cause of slip and fall accidents. The property owner is required to assess the property at regular intervals to identify damage. They must inspect the property immediately following acclimate weather conditions. The damage must be repaired quickly to lower the chances of a visitor-related accident.
On-Site Construction for the Property

At any time that construction is under way, the owner must follow necessary protocol to mitigate accidents. They must install barriers to prevent visitors from entering the area. They may also need an employee to monitor who enters this area. Signs around the section must be used to inform visitors of hazards associated with the project.

Common Risks and Requirements

As workers clean the area, they must use signs to warn visitors of wet flooring. They must also use flooring signs when chemicals spill within walkways. The employees must assess hazards in walkways and aisles to prevent these common issues. If the company enforces related policies, they mitigate these risks. If not, they are failing to provide a duty for their visitors.

Exterior Premise Liabilities

Exterior premise liabilities are equally as important as hazards inside the building. Parking lots must be maintained to prevent collisions and falls. The property owner must assess these risks as well. They must order repairs as soon as they discover the hazards. If they don’t, they are liable.

In Michigan, property owners must mitigate the risk of common liabilities. These liabilities are associated with interior and exterior hazards that lead to accidents. Property owners who don’t manage their property could become the defendant in a lawsuit. Victims who need to discuss their case with a Slip And Fall Attorney In Grand Rapids MI contact here today.

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