Do You Need A Personal Injury Attorney In Martinsburg WV?

by | Jan 24, 2017 | Lawyers

After an accident, the people involved often wonder if they need to hire an attorney. Someone that’s been seriously injured should contact an attorney as soon as they’re able to. An injured party will barely be home from an emergency room visit when the telephone is ringing with the insurance company on the other end. Although the person on the other end of the telephone line sounds very nice, caring, and compassionate, they’re only calling to gain as much information as possible about the victim and the accident. Anything that someone says on the telephone is recorded and could be used against them in the future.

A personal injury attorney in Martinsburg WV will not let the insurance company continue to contact a victim when they’re supposed to be spending time resting and healing from the traumatic event. The less someone shares with the insurance company, the better chances they have for a favorable outcome to their case. If the insurance company finds out that a victim makes very little money at their job or has a family to feed and doesn’t get paid a salary whenever they’re absent from work, they may decide that the victim is a good candidate for a quick settlement.

The insurance company doesn’t care if someone is in pain, on medication, or will be in the hospital for several weeks to recover. They only care about keeping their money out of the hands of a victim. A personal injury attorney in Martinsburg WV works on a contingency basis. Unlike other types of legal cases when a lawyer requests a retainer and monthly payments, a personal injury lawyer will only receive payment if they receive a settlement for the victim. If minor injuries occur as a result of any type of accident, a victim should still have an attorney review the settlement agreement before submitting it to the insurance company. Once the settlement is signed and in the hands of the insurance company, a victim cannot make any more claims for their injuries.

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