Building a Reason and a Story with a Guardianship Lawyer in Honolulu

by | Nov 27, 2015 | Law

There are people who go their entire lives without speaking to a lawyer, but when it comes to caring for the ones they love, they take quick action. That can make some people precariously nervous because it involves children and perhaps unknown people. Guardianship can be established to a loved one who is not a parent or relative and is commonly considered a form of adoption.

A guardianship lawyer in Honolulu works a bit different from other attorneys, but the initial consultation is the same. The potential client presents their information and their story, and the attorney sees if they have a case that can be pursued. The only difference is that a guardianship attorney will rarely turn down a client because the story is quite basic for all. If there is a legitimate reason to seek guardianship for a child, an attorney may see a path towards guardianship. That is even clearer when a parent or both parents are involved. The attorney sees the story (a desire to apply for a guardianship) and acts fast with that information.

Revolve Around the Children

An attorney is looking at the children’s rights and how they are treated. They will be primarily concerned about where the parents stand in this situation. A guardian cannot just override the wishes and presence of the blood-related parents. That angle can and will complicate guardianship. Click here for more on status as a guardian.

Other Involved Parties

A typical attorney will want to know the name of anyone involved, and that may not always include just the child. Is there a boyfriend or girlfriend in the picture? That is valuable information. Is there a mother-in-law living on the premises where the child will be living? These people matter and it helps build the story to get guardianship of a child.

Lastly, the reasoning for the adoption and status as guardian needs to support the story that is conveyed to the courts. Why would someone want to be an official guardian for this child? Love is typically the answer, but it is not always the right answer. It is not that cut and dry, and a guardianship lawyer in Honolulu will use the story and the reasoning to prove to the courts that this child deserves to be cared for by this client.

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