Allow Car Accident Attorneys in Tucson Help You with Your Claim

by | Nov 26, 2015 | Lawyer

Car accident attorneys in Tucson work to provide accident victims with the legal guidance they need to pursue compensation for their injuries sustained in a car accident that was not their fault. Those who have become victims of an accident often feel overwhelmed in taking the steps they must take to receive just compensation. Dealing with the insurance companies and facing the need for a trial can be difficult for anyone, but with the help of an attorney, a victim can receive the advocacy they need so the process for pursuing their claim is much easier.

While there are several steps involved in the pursuit of a compensation claim, there is one that is often considered the most difficult to deal with. Working with the insurance company can add stress to a person who is already feeling overwhelmed with their injuries and the damage to their vehicle. Many people feel less anxiety when they hire car accident attorneys in Tucson. An attorney can take over dealing with the insurance company so an injured victim can focus more on their complete recovery and healing process.

The attorney acts as an advocate to protect a client’s best interests. If the insurance carrier refuses to cooperate and provide a fair settlement, an attorney will often make the wise decision to further pursue the case in court. Though court cases sometimes take longer in the process towards compensation, they often allow an injured person to end up receiving more compensation since the court can factor in pain and suffering and even punitive damages in some cases.

When people hire an attorney to represent them, they are often faced with two different options when it comes to paying for the services. One can pay by the hour or through contingency. Often, accident victims must act through contingency because they are out of work with their injuries and cannot afford an hourly payment. In a contingency arrangement, the attorney does not get paid unless the case is won.

People who have been injured in an accident need to be aware of their rights to pursue the responsible party for fair compensation. For more information on hiring an attorney to help, contact Price and Price Law.

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