An Injury Attorney Helps Individuals Hurt by Aggressive Drivers

by | Jan 4, 2016 | Personal Injury Attorney

An injury attorney may be able to help a client obtain a better settlement if there is evidence that the at-fault driver was not only negligent or careless, but was behaving in a purposeful way that increased the risk of an accident. Collisions can be caused by negligent behaviour such as reading a text message behind the wheel, but sometimes aggressive behaviour is involved that adds another level of risk. Being aggressive behind the wheel out of impatience or as an intimidation tactic may essentially turn the vehicle into a weapon.


Following another vehicle too closely in an effort to persuade them to speed up is hazardous. It increases the risk that the aggressive driver won’t be able to stop fast enough to avoid rear-ending the other car.
Typically, the at-fault driver is cited by law enforcement for this activity after an accident occurs. These types of collisions are nearly always considered to be the fault of the driver to the rear, who should have kept a safe distance from the vehicle ahead.

Unsafe Passing Behaviour

On a multi-lane highway, unsafe passing behaviour often involves weaving in and out of various lanes in an effort to get ahead of traffic. Unsafe passing behaviour also includes becoming impatient with the speed of the fast lane, darting into the right lane to pass a car in the left lane, and then darting back into the left lane. These impatient drivers may not even signal when they make these moves, leaving other people on the road having to deal with their unpredictable maneuvers.

An injury attorney will want to know if this sort of behaviour was going on when the accident happened. The lawyer may need to find witnesses or have an expert witness reconstruct the scene of the collision.

Seek Help

A law firm such as Affolter Gannon assists people who were injured in vehicle accidents caused by other drivers. Lawyers can help clients obtain a much better settlement, since they have the resources to determine exactly what was happening at the scene and whether the other driver was engaging in aggressive behaviour. See the website domain URL for contact information.

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