Advice on Wills from an Estate Planning Attorney in Santa Ynez Valley, CA

by | Dec 7, 2016 | Lawyers

Drafting a will is a necessary part of life. Everyone’s life will end at some point and it is necessary to specify to whom you wish your estate (your assets and belongings) to be transferred upon your death. A will is inexpensive compared to many other legal services as it is a service that almost everyone will use at some point. Here are a few aspects of estate law to consider when drafting your will:

Choosing an Executor

During your estate planning, you must choose someone to oversee the enactment of the will upon your death. This person will be legally bound to execute your wishes as written in the will. A secondary executor can be chosen who will oversee your will in the event that the primary executor is deceased or incompetent at the time of your death.

Charitable Donations

Many individuals choose to donate a portion of their assets to charity upon their death. Often, this is a charity for a cause in which they are personally interested.


A trust can be enacted while living or after death. A trust is simply a transfer of property or assets from one individual to another. Trusts enacted upon death take effect immediately.


These are some of the basic aspects of wills and estate planning. If you live in Ynez Valley, CA and you wish to draft a will or plan your estate, you should contact an experienced estate planning attorney in Santa Ynez Valley, CA. You need the best Santa Ynez Valley estate planning attorney possible. It is important to consider all factors when planning your estate. Call an experienced lawyer today.

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