A Workers Compensation Lawyer in Live Oak Helps People Who Were Injured on the Job

by | May 8, 2017 | Lawyer

Before accepting a job offer in Texas, the candidate may want to learn whether this organization offer workers’ compensation. Most states have strict laws requiring most employers to participate in the insurance program, but Texas is not one of them. Texas offers the option for private employers to opt out of the system. A person who is injured on the job may need to consult a workers’ compensation lawyer in Live Oak if the employer does not participate, or if the organization does carry the insurance but disputes the claim.

A lawyer such as Duane E. Thomas who negotiates personal injury settlements and represents clients in worker’s compensation cases can help a person who was hurt at work but has learned the organization doesn’t provide comp. The lawyer may want to conduct an investigation to make sure the employer follows all relevant regulations. That includes the law that the organization must post information in the workplace about workers’ comp non-participation.

If the employer has not broken any regulations, filing a personal injury claim or lawsuit may be the best option. When an employer offers workers’ comp, personal injury claims and lawsuits are not allowed by law. This does not protect employers who opt out of the insurance.

A workers’ compensation lawyer in Live Oak can also assist the client with an application for temporary Social Security disability payments if disability is not provided through the employer. Those payments may be essential for someone waiting for a settlement to be agreed upon.

Even when an employer does offer workers’ comp, the business or the insurer may disagree with the claim for one reason or another. There may be skepticism that the person was actually injured on the job. There may be suspicion that the worker suffered the injury at home workers’ and then faked being hurt at work. There may be a dispute about whether the injury is as serious as the person says it is, even if a doctor has verified this. Please visit the website Northfloridaautoaccidentlawyer.com to learn more about one particular attorney and to schedule a free initial consultation.

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