A Criminal Defense Law Firm in Madison WI Encourages Clients to Be Responsible About Social Media

A criminal defense law firm in Madison WI puts forth substantial effort to get the best possible results for each client. Sometimes a defense lawyer is stymied by the behavior of the client though. It can be difficult to persuade the prosecution to drop or reduce charges if the person charged with a crime is posting questionable commentary and photos on social media, for example. If the case goes before a judge, certain types of social media activity can be harmful, and the judge will not be impressed with the defendant if there is evidence on social media that this person is guilty.

It becomes easy to catch a defendant in a lie if contrary evidence is posted online. An obvious example would be a person who denies owning any guns but who has posted photos of himself holding a gun he claims is his. Photos and commentary by other people can also be problematic. These postings may verify that a person charged with a crime was near the scene at a certain time, even though the defendant claimed to be far away.

A criminal defense law firm in Madison WI may try to build a case that includes showing that the defendant is of excellent character. Character witnesses might include reputable individuals such as clergy members and teachers. The case can be damaged if social media shows the defendant in activity such as drinking excessively or being in a physical fight; also, posting running commentary with a lot of profanity is not going to make a good impression. Making inflammatory remarks about law enforcement is an example of commentary that is likely to raise some eyebrows.

A firm such as Gregory Wright Law Offices S.C provides legal representation and counsels defendants on how to behave during a criminal case. One important action is to take down any online photos or discussion that could lead to a bad impression, and to do so as soon as possible. Not only should the most obvious sites be addressed, but even password-protected forums of which the person is a member. It may be best to deactivate accounts altogether until the case is resolved. Visit the Website for contact information. Like us on Facebook.

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