Why Should Defendants Consider Hiring a DWI Lawyer in Jefferson County MO?

by | Jan 2, 2019 | Lawyer

As with many other states, Missouri has recently been cracking down on DWI offenders in the hopes individuals will cease from breaking the law. Although most individuals do not set out to intentionally break the law, alcohol tends to prevent a person from making sound judgment calls, and they end up taking actions they later regret. When a person has broken the law and been arrested for a DWI, it is vital they seek help from a DWI lawyer in Jefferson County MO.

When a driver is pulled over for a suspected DWI in Missouri, the law enforcement officers will use a variety of tests to determine the driver’s level of intoxication. Although a blood alcohol level of .08% or more is considered intoxicated, it is important to note an officer does not have to test an individual to legally charge them in the state of Missouri. As long as the officer has probable cause, they can charge a driver with intoxication.

A first or second charge of DWI is a misdemeanor charge while further charges become felonies. A felony can deeply affect a person for the rest of their life, preventing them from voting, gaining employment, and even receiving government benefits when they are in need. This is why it is imperative charged individuals get help from a DWI lawyer in Jefferson County MO.

While a lawyer cannot guarantee the end outcome in a DWI trial, they can help their client through the entire process and lessen the blow a conviction will cause in their life. If the outcome is unfavorable for their client, the lawyer can pursue the appeals process in an attempt to seek a better outcome.

If a person has been charged with a DWI, it is imperative they seek legal help as soon as possible. For further information on how a lawyer can help, Visit the website. If you would like to schedule a consultation meeting, call Wegmann Law Firm right away. They will be happy to meet with you and go over your legal defense options so you can make a sound choice for your needs.

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