When Should You Call a Criminal Defense Attorney?

by | Nov 24, 2017 | Law

In all probability you are not the type of person who has a criminal defense attorney in Monterey on retainer. In fact, it is very likely the opposite and you never considered that you would need the services of one it all. A criminal defense attorney can change the course of a trial and affect the outcome. He or she is the one who sees to it that your rights are protected, mounts a defense, and challenges the evidence and the case against you. The only mantra you need is the one that says you do not speak to anyone, police or otherwise, about your case.

Prior to Charges Being Filed Against You

Even before any charges are filed against you, a criminal defense attorney can speak for you with law enforcement personnel. This cannot be stressed enough, DO NOT TALK TO THE POLICE!! In many instances police are known to contact a suspect hoping that they will confess. They cannot force you to speak with them. The police will not inform you of your rights when their case is still being investigated. You have the right to have an attorney with you every step of the way.

After You Have Been Charged

Since the police can conduct a full investigation of you without ever contacting you, criminal defense attorneys are generally retained after charges have been filed. Even being accused of a crime can change the entire course of your life. His or her work starts immediately after you hire them. To begin with, they can be helpful in reducing any bail that you are required to pay. They are the ones who look over the case filed against you, and if necessary, work with the prosecutor to secure you a reduction of your charge or charges and may even be able to get your case dismissed. One of the best criminal defense attorneys in the Monterey area is John Klopfenstein. He has handled more than 10,000 criminal matters from misdemeanors to murders.

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