What You Need to Know About IRS Audits

by | Jun 22, 2018 | Law

Finishing your taxes each year can bring a breath in a breath of fresh air. The process is often challenging and stressful, which makes being at the end a relief. However, sometimes the IRS may have concerns or questions about your filing which can lead to an audit. This can amp the stress levels to a higher level than they ever were before. While you may never be audited, it’s good to have an understanding of what the process is like just in case.

Chance of Audit

You might think you can only be audited on this year’s return, but the IRS can audit up to three years of returns. If something is extra suspicious of them, they can go back up to even six years. You are more likely to be audited if you make a high income. The IRS wants to get the largest return possible so the more you make, the higher the chance of an audit. However, even those in lower income brackets can and do end up audited, as well. If this happens to you, the best thing you can have is an Elk Grove Village IRS protections attorney on your side.

The Audit Process

You will be notified by telephone or mail if you are being audited. These notices do not come by email. The majority of audits only ask for correction or verification of information and can be done remotely. If the IRS has more serious concerns, you may have a request for an in-person audit. In either case, it’s serious, and you should have someone professional on your side. You may want to have your tax professional, along with an attorney, there to help you through the process.

Your Rights

There are a few rights that you should be aware of if you receive an audit notice. You have a right to courteous and professional treatment by the employees of the IRS. You have a right to privacy regarding your tax matters. You are allowed to ask why the IRS needs the information and what consequences exist if you do not provide it. On top of that, you have a right to representation and may appeal any disagreement you have with the IRS in court.

If you have been provided with a notice of audit, you will want to hire an Elk Grove Village IRS protections attorney to represent you. North Suburban Legal Services LLC would be happy to tell you what your options are and work through the case with you.

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