What to do After Having a Claim for Social Security Denied in Fort Worth TX

Becoming disabled leads to some serious life changes. For many people, a disability means it is no longer possible to remain employed. With no money coming in and the savings dwindling fast, having a claim for social security denied in Fort Worth TX can seem like the end of the world. Fortunately, there is a way to challenge the denial. Taking the Matter to an AttorneyAfter having that claim for Social security denied in Fort Worth TX the first time, it is important to have an attorney look over both the claim and the reasons given for the denial. One point that many people do not realize is that the review process usually comes to a halt the moment that some issue with the application is found. That means the entire document was never reviewed in the first place. By choosing to take the matter to an attorney, it is possible to address the stated reason for the denial, and also take the process one step further. The attorney can look over each question and the responses in turn. If there is any other issue that could trigger a second denial, the attorney can work with the client to ensure the information provided on the application is complete, concise, and in line with the guidelines used for evaluating all claims for Social Security disability benefits.

Meeting with a Review Board After the attorney proofs the revised application and submits it, the next step is to wait for a response. In many cases, that second submission will result in approval of the benefits. Should that second attempt be denied, the attorney can request a formal hearing. Rest assured that the client does not have to be present at the hearing. The attorney can attend and present the case to the review board. For clients who have limited mobility, the fact that it is not necessary to attend the hearing will come as a relief. Rest assured that the attorney will make use of every legal means to secure the benefits that the client is entitled to receive. Unless there are some mitigating circumstances that provide a sound reason for the continued denial of benefits, the odds of being approved after that hearing are very good.

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