What Steps Need to Be Taken Before Hiring an Accident Lawyer in Pennsylvania?

by | Dec 1, 2015 | Accident Lawyers

Hiring an accident lawyer in Pennsylvania is one of the best things a person can do to ensure their rights are protected as they work to pursue an auto accident case. The sooner an accident lawyer is hired, the better the chances of achieving a favorable outcome, but before a person hires a lawyer, there are a few steps they need to take to ensure their lawyer will be able to help them. With this information, accident victims can be fully prepared.

Just after an accident occurs, filing a police report is important. In accidents that have caused injuries, the police will generally arrive on the scene and file a report; they will assess the accident scene and make a preliminary judgment on who is held at fault and what type of injuries have been witnessed. The report will include information on the other driver so the victim can put in a claim with the insurance carrier.

Accident victims should make sure to gather any names of eyewitnesses to the accident so they will be able to be brought into court to testify if needed. If possible, photos should be taken of the positioning of the vehicles and the damage and injuries that occurred.

Injured victims need to make sure they seek medical treatment right away. Often, people wait to see a doctor because they feel their injuries are minor, but frequently, people who are involved in accidents are in shock directly after, which can prevent a person from feeling the symptoms of pain caused by serious injuries. It behooves a person to see a doctor to not only rule out serious internal injuries but also so they can have medical proof of their injuries for the insurance company or a court case.

Once these steps have been taken, accident victims need to contact an accident lawyer in Pennsylvania, because through their help, accident victims can have their rights protected, along with receiving the sound legal guidance they need in pursuing their liability claim. For more information on the services a lawyer can provide, visit Swartzculleton.com or call the office and they will be glad to schedule a consultation appointment.

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