What Is Managed By A Family Law Attorney In New Market?

In Maryland, the family law provides several options for protecting individuals close to them. These individuals could be other family members such as children, disabled parties, or seniors. The law provides them with a legal avenue to obtain custody or guardianship. Under these laws, prospective couples can also become parents. A Family Law Attorney in New Market provides these legal options for families.

Seeking a Change in Custody

Life changes could lead to the need for a new child custody arrangement. For example, if the current arrangement limits visitation, the parent could file a motion for a modification. The parent could also seek a change if they don’t have the authority to make decisions about the child. Additionally, if a risk emerges to the child’s welfare, the parent can seek custody based on the current circumstances.

Protecting a Disabled Individual or Senior

Disabled individuals and seniors are also protected under these laws. A family member can seek a guardianship for the individual to prevent abuse, neglect, and unlawful use of their assets. The guardianship assignment can give the petitioner authority over the disabled individual or senior to protect their interests and prevent unwanted circumstances.

Protecting a Minor from Abuse

When an adult family member discovers that a child is being abused, they can take legal action. They can petition the court for temporary custody. Typically, the family member will need to contact child protective services first. A social worker is assigned to the case to assess the situation. If a risk is discovered, the family member acquires temporary custody.

The Adoption Process

Prospective parents who want to adopt must go through family court as well. The court terminates the rights of the biological parent during the proceedings. The adoptive parents become the legal guardians of the child, and the child’s name is changed accordingly.

In Maryland, family law provides a variety of options for protecting others. The laws dictate the procedures for adoption, guardianship, and requesting temporary custody. The laws apply to parents, children, and disabled individuals. Petitioners who need help from a Family Law Attorney in New Market can set up a consultation by contacting them directly.

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