Look For These Signs Before Calling a Nursing Home Abuse Attorney in Bloomington

by | Aug 9, 2017 | Lawyer

Nursing home neglect and abuse are nationwide problems that lead to the injury and death of some of society’s most vulnerable people. Neglect and abuse can occur deliberately, but in most cases, it happens as the result of poorly-trained staff. Families should regularly visit their elderly members to ensure proper care, and they can look for these common trouble signs before calling a Nursing Home Abuse Attorney in Bloomington.

Substandard Hygiene

Many elderly nursing home patients aren’t capable of handling basic hygiene needs, and facility staff must assist them. This can include help with dressing, nail clipping, hair combing and more. When a patient is neglected, they may appear with dirty clothing and a generally unkempt appearance. Some neglect is deliberate, but most is due to lack of formal education on the part of the facility’s staff.

Unsanitary Conditions

The nursing facility itself must be clean and it must be safe enough for residents. If conditions are poor, it’s likely that patients are facing neglect. Federal laws require nursing facilities to maintain sanitary, safe environments, and it’s up to families to report it when those requirements aren’t being met.


Nutritional deficiencies are another issue affecting millions of residents across the country, and they can lead to serious issues. Malnutrition can happen because of insufficient oversight, the patient’s medical problems, or a staff member’s deliberate actions. If it was intentional, the family should call a Nursing Home Abuse Attorney in Bloomington right away.

Poor Mobility

A nursing home resident may have mobility issues as well, and a quality home will have staff to help patients move around and keep healthy. Top-quality facilities offer fitness programs tailored to patients’ limitations, which help them keep muscle strength and improve circulation. If a person is confined to bed, they can develop bedsores, immobility and other problems.

Hire a Nursing Home Abuse Attorney

Family members can’t always provide the care an elderly relative requires, which is why they must occasionally trust nursing facilities to ensure a happy and healthy life for the resident. However, if a home fails in this regard, contact us by phone or visit us online.

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