What does a real estate law firm do?

by | Jul 7, 2014 | Lawyers

A real estate law firm on Long Island is a business that puts together a group of lawyers and other professionals, all of whom focus on property and property issues. The lawyers can address a wide variety of cases that include eviction of sitting tenants, disputes with property borders and unlawful foreclosure. Examples of those who are natural clients for this type of law firm are realtors, property investors, developers and landlords.

As real estate law can be quite convoluted those professionals who are involved in it rarely deal with any other facet of the law, they tend to concentrate on this area of law. In many cases these lawyers with a common focus will come together and for a real estate law firm on Long Island. With an enlarged practice it is not unusual for members of the firm to deal in unique areas such as financing, sales and acquisitions, zoning and land use as well as litigation.

The services that a real estate law firm can provide vary depending on the staff. Some firms will concentrate solely on residential property while others will focus on commercial property issues while still others may accept either residential or commercial. In many cases the laws that pertain to property can be oriented to a specific jurisdiction so in these cases the firm will only take cases in their particular jurisdiction but this does not have to be the case. There are large real estate law firms that operate internationally and have multiple offices to serve a wide range of clients.

Real estate law covers a broad spectrum of jurisprudence. Many different entities are affected by real estate law and as a result the client base can be quite diverse. A real estate law firm may provide their services to opposing parties but it would be considered a conflict of interest if the firm was to represent both sides of the same case. A typical example is when the law firm is helping a tenant from being evicted while the same firm can in other cases assist the landlord with legally evicting a tenant.

A real estate law firm on Long Island can help with a host of real estate related issues. The firm can help a client who wishes to purchase a property, develop a property or even help with financing. This is one of the primary advantages of dealing with a firm rather than an individual attorney.

If you are looking for a real estate law firm on Long Island you are welcome to contact Jaspan Schlesinger Attorneys at Law. The group represents developers, investors, financiers in all facets of property acquisition and development.

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