What Constitutes a Child Birth Injury, and What Would a Child Birth Injury Attorney in North Stonington, CT Do About it?

by | Dec 28, 2015 | Law

According to a Medical News Today report, about 15% of women are injured during childbirth. The injury is usually to the pelvis, and the 50% do not heal from the injury. It is an issue that is rarely discussed in the world of medical law. Unfortunately, this leaves a glaring problem. For one, most women will have pelvic damage to the tissues and muscle after childbirth, but they do not know if it is permanent until about eight months or longer. That means that pursuing a lawsuit could occur a year or more after the birth happened.

The second problem is trying to prove in court whether or not the injury has worsened or occurred because of medical negligence during the birth. The timeframe of months down the road makes this more difficult. Considering that the majority of women do face child-bearing damage of some kind that ultimately heals, this can be a very tricky procedure.

Many professionals may suggest exercising. This will tighten and contract the pelvic muscles and help support the organs nearby, such as the small intestine, bladder, and the uterus. This is not a foolproof method, and many women report that consistent exercising advised by their health professionals does nothing. For some, it may make their condition worse. The big question then becomes, what does a new mother do about it? They know they have an injury, but they have no idea if it was caused by any poor performance on the doctor’s part. They also have no idea if it is something that could potentially heal itself.

Deciding whether to work with a Child Birth Injury Attorney in North Stonington CT, will depend largely on if the injuries are crippling and if their treatment costs money. The effort put forth in making a lawsuit needs to be reasoned by the amount of evidence and the extent of the injury. The proof will help in pursuing a case if a mother decides to go that route.

Stephen M. Reck, a Child Birth Injury Attorney in North Stonington CT, can take action and bring a case to a successful conclusion. Visit our website for more about how to take action.

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