Victims of Domestic Violence Should Consult a Family Attorney in Allentown, PA About a Protection From Abuse Order

by | Nov 24, 2016 | Attorney

Domestic violence has always existed and been accepted as normal more often than not. Today, victims have the law on their side, but must still take action on behalf of themselves and their children. One critical first step is to consult a family attorney in Allentown PA regarding a Protection From Abuse order (PFA).

How a Protection From Abuse Order Can Help

Even if the courts are closed, an Emergency Order can be granted. A PFA is enforceable by the police. They treat these situations with the utmost seriousness and will respond quickly to a 911 call.

A PFA can grant various forms of assistance to the victim, depending upon the circumstances and could:

  • Order the abuser to stay away from you, minor children or others
  • Remove the abuser from the home
  • Award temporary custody of minor children
  • Award financial support
  • Order the abuser to surrender any weapons to the police
  • Order the abuser to pay reasonable costs incurred because of the abuse, including medical care, moving expenses, attorney fees and other expenses
  • Order other forms of assistance

What a Protection From Abuse Order Will Not Do

Many abuse victims avoid seeking help because they believe that a PFA is only a piece of paper that the abuser will ignore. In some cases, that’s unfortunately true. After all, a determined attacker can penetrate even the layers of security surrounding a U.S. president. Possessing a PFA does not mean that a police car will be parked around the corner 24/7 waiting for the person named in the PFA to show up.

Research has found that the victim of family or domestic violence is in the most danger if the person named in the PFA has:

  • A violent criminal history
  • Been named in a PFA in one or more previous relationships
  • Threatened the victim with weapons
  • A history of mental instability

The most dangerous time for the victim statistically is in the period directly following the serving of the PFA. It’s always a good idea for the person seeking protection to move, at least temporarily, to a shelter or some other place of safety where they cannot be found.

The attorneys at Thomas, Conrad & Conrad Attorneys at Law are resourceful, experienced and focused upon your safety and rights. Take the first step to break the cycle of abuse. Schedule An Appointment with a Family Attorney in Allentown PA today.

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