The Scope of Duties Assigned to a Probate Lawyer in Angola, Indiana

It’s not surprising when people try to avoid thinking about their death, but planning for this is important, especially for people who have assets that they want to be distributed among family members. For this reason, the services of a probate lawyer in Angola, Indiana is essential.

Probate is a legal process where a person’s estate is valued, their will is validated, and any taxes and debt the estate holder possesses are paid off. Once this is done, assets can be distributed according to a person’s will. While many people think the services of a probate lawyer Angola in Angola, Indiana are all about what happens after a person passes, there is a fair amount of work that can be done beforehand as well.

The probate process can be lengthy, taking anywhere from a few months to a year. With wills that are extremely complicated or lengthy, the probate process may be too much for a family member to handle on their own. Having an attorney handling the process altogether or helping the executor of the will through the process is the best option.

A probate lawyer like the ones at Yoder & Kraus can do a great deal before a person passes away. The first thing they will probably do is try to ensure that the will is as straightforward as possible. When a will is straightforward, or there is only one recipient of a person’s assets, the probate process may not be necessary at all. However, if it is, an attorney can work to make a person’s will more streamline, and they can relieve certain tax obligations with family partnerships or gifts to family members.

An attorney’s job can be more difficult if the will is contested. Any family member with a legal claim such as a spouse, children or an ex-spouse can contest a will if they feel that other people are getting too much or that they’re not getting enough.

Whether you have a great deal of money and assets to distribute to family members or your income and assets are at average levels, it’s important to speak with a probate attorney. Not only can they help you draft a will, but they can also help to make things much easier on your loved ones once you are no longer there for them.

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