Victims Can Get Important Help from Truck Accident Attorneys in Hawaii

by | Dec 28, 2017 | Accident Attorney

Injured victims of serious truck accidents often find seeking compensation to be an overwhelming situation. Sometimes, victims are revictimized by the system and end up receiving an unfair settlement or no compensation at all. When issues are arising with an accident claim, it is crucial for the victim to seek legal help from truck accident attorneys in Hawaii. Working with an attorney can reduce the stress levels of victims and help them receive the fair outcome they deserve.

How Do Attorneys Help?

When an injured victim hires truck accident attorneys in Hawaii, the attorney takes over every step involved in the process of pursuing a fair outcome, whether it be negotiating with the insurance adjuster or seeking a civil lawsuit. It is important injured victims realize they will have two years from the date their accident occurred to file a lawsuit. Failure to file before this time will result in the victim forfeiting any rights to being able to seek compensation in any form.

The first help occurs at the consultation meeting. Here, the injured victim can talk with their attorney and share the details of the accident and their injuries and damages. The attorney can answer the questions the victim has and guide them by offering information on their case value and legal options for recovering their losses.

The attorney goes right to work on pursuing the insurance adjuster and working on behalf of their client. If the insurance adjuster is being unreasonable and refusing to offer a fair settlement, the attorney may pursue compensation via a civil lawsuit filed in court.

Having an Attorney Is Important

If a person ends up needing to pursue a civil lawsuit, it is especially important they have an attorney working on their side. Attempting to pursue a lawsuit without the help of an attorney can be a waste of time for everyone involved. Judges are typically not too happy when a person attempts to represent themselves, especially if they do not understand the law.

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