Thinking About Filing for Bankruptcy? Talk to a Bankruptcy Lawyer in St. Louis, MO First!

by | Mar 4, 2015 | Lawyers

Regardless of how much money they make, most people will at one time or another deal with some financial hardships in their lifetime. The extent of these financial hardships can vary from person to person, but in situations where the hardships are extremely significant, a person may want to consider bankruptcy as a possible option. However, whether you have determined that bankruptcy is inevitable or you’re considering the options that are available to you, it’s always recommended that you consult first with a Bankruptcy Lawyer in St. Louis, MO.

You may hear people tell stories about them handling the bankruptcy proceedings on their own. While this is possible, it typically isn’t recommended. One of the main reasons is that the bankruptcy process can be extremely time-consuming and complicated. Unless you happen to be a legal professional, you may find yourself in certain situations where you don’t have the best handle of the situation you find yourself in.

There are many other reasons to consult with a Bankruptcy Lawyer in St. Louis, MO. For example, for the average individual, there are a few different types of bankruptcies that you could potentially file for. For most people, chapter 7 is the best option. However, for others, whether it’s because of their financial situation or their desires to repay their creditors, chapter 13 may be the best option.

If you don’t understand the bankruptcy process, you may end up filing for the wrong type of bankruptcy. In addition, you may not meet certain requirements to file for either chapter 7 or chapter 13 bankruptcy. Not filing for the right type of bankruptcy can mean that you have to start the process all over again, and this can prolong the amount of time it takes to work through your financial hardship.

There are far too many reasons that can be listed in this article as to why you should consult with a Bankruptcy Lawyer St. Louis, MO. However, whatever the reasons are that you’re considering bankruptcy, if you live in the St. Louis area, you should consider consulting with Van Dillen & Flood P.C. St. Louis, MO. This particular law firm has a number of different attorneys that handle bankruptcy and they can help guide you through the bankruptcy process from start to finish. With their help, they can make this process a bit less stressful for you, and can get you through it as quickly as possible. Visit website for more information.

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