Social Security Disability in New York

If you are considering applying for social security disability benefits in New York, then there are a few ways in which to do so. Chances are, you can begin or even complete the application process online from the comfort of your home. You may have to visit the social security office in order to finish the process of application. There are several circumstances in which you can complete the disability application process online.

*You must be over the age of 18
*You cannot have received disability benefits in the past
*You must have not been able to work for the last year
*You cannot have been denied benefits in the past two months

Application Process

In order to apply for disability in New York there is quite a bit of paperwork and documentation that is required to complete the process. You must be able to provide basic information about yourself as well as an extensive overview of your current and past medical records. There is quite a bit of information that is needed in order to apply:

*Social security number, birth date, and birth place
*Social security number and name of your spouse
*Names and dates of children under the age of 18
*Your current bank information such as account and routing numbers
*Current and previous medical history as well as a list of medications and physicians
*Any medical tests that have been performed on you
*Financial information such as documentation from your previous employer as well as from your last five jobs

After Filing

After you have filed your application for disability, they will send you a confirmation to inform you that they have received the documentation. Once they have had the opportunity to review the paperwork, they could ask you for other information if it is required. After a decision about your application has been made, they will send you a letter that will inform you of whether or not you have been approved or denied for benefits.


The process of filing for disability in New York can be especially challenging especially if you suffer from any medical condition that prevents you from driving or even leaving your home. If you need help filling out the application, you should hire an attorney to help you through the process. This will help to avoid potential mistakes from being made. It can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be with the proper assistance.

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