Reviewing Possible Outcomes with Custody Dispute Lawyers in Cedar Rapids, IA

by | Aug 20, 2015 | Law

Iowa courts determine child custody based on the most appropriate setting for the child. In most cases, the court may attempt to offer joint custody. This form of custody affords the parents with equal rights and decision-making powers for the child. Unfortunately, some cases may require a different approach.

Re-Evaluating an Order of Protection

In divorce cases, an order of protection is secured to protect a spouse and any children. The terms of the order identify risks that could jeopardize their safety. The conditions outlined in these orders include domestic violence, child abuse, or an existing drug or alcohol addiction.

The order doesn’t guarantee that the spouse who acquired the order will receive child custody. It does, however, introduce circumstances that require an evaluation prior to the custody hearing. Any violation of the order is considered when the judge makes a ruling. Parents who have an existing court order should contact custody dispute lawyers in Cedar Rapids, IA for further assistance.

How Does Supervised Visitation Work?

A judge may order supervised visitation if an order of protection is violated. This order allows a social worker to monitor the interaction between the offender and the child. This ruling helps the judge to determine if any risks listed in the order of protection still exist. In these cases, the judge may utilize this ruling to gather evidence to make a responsible decision.

When is Sole Custody Granted?

Sole custody indicates that the child lives with one parent. The non-custodial parent may continue supervised visitations if the judge deems it appropriate. Sole custody is awarded when a parent presents a great risk to the child. The risk identified could place the child in an unsafe environment on a regular basis.

If a child custody hearing is required, this indicates that the parents can’t arrive at an agreement together. The judge is required to evaluate testimony and evidence from each party. Once they evaluate all angles of the case, the judge makes a final decision. Parents who need to hire custody dispute lawyers in Cedar Rapids, IA should contact Jacobsen Johnson & Wiezorek, PLC immediately.

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