Reviewing Common Circumstances With A Divorce Lawyer In Mankato, MN

by | Nov 21, 2017 | Divorce Lawyers

In Minnesota, the circumstances surrounding divorce cases could determine how they are managed by the court, and they could influence the court to take action to protect certain victims. The petitioner can utilize one divorce ground in most cases; however, the court can provide protection if the petitioner is victimized by their spouse. A divorce lawyer in Mankato, MN can
provide clear answers about these circumstances.

Assigning Blame in a No-Fault State

Certain conditions may apply that require a fault-based judgment in a divorce case; however, the divorce petition cannot reflect any fault-based divorce grounds. The petitioner can seek assistance from the court when they have overwhelming evidence of domestic violence or other forms of abuse. The divorce will be based on an irretrievable breakdown; however, the court can speed up the process after the defendant is sentenced for domestic violence.

How Can the Petitioner Remove Their Spouse From the Marital Home?

Initially, the divorce petition provides relieve from harassment, and it explains the rules associated with contacting each other during the divorce case. Once the petition is filed, the petitioner can require the defendant to leave the home if the petitioner identifies the marital home as their current residence in the divorce documents. The petitioner can acquire assistance from law enforcement once the petition has been delivered to the defendant.

Can the Spouses Take Possession of Assets Before the Divorce Is Finalized?

Yes, they can each take assets at any time since they are still married, and they can use these assets however they choose. However, any ownership assignments designated through property division will require the spouse to return these items if they aren’t awarded to this spouse through the divorce agreement. In most cases, family heirlooms and property owned before the marriage are often excluded from the marital estate.

In Minnesota, the circumstances involved in a divorce case can become seriously complicated, and they can lead to a divorce trial if the couple cannot reach an agreement. These cases require an equitable division of assets and agreements about child custody. Petitioners who need to discuss their case with a divorce lawyer in Mankato, MN can visit right now.

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