Reviewing Claims With Worker Compensation Attorneys

by | Jul 10, 2018 | Attorney

In Louisiana, worker’s compensation insurance is secured to provide coverage for medical expenses for work-related injuries. Workers may also receive monetary benefits if they are unable to return to work immediately. Workers Compensation Attorneys assist workers who are denied the benefits.

Reviewing the Initial Claim

The initial claim must start within thirty days of the injury. The direct supervisor of the worker must be notified by the worker. The claim starts when the employer sends the worker to the emergency room or an urgent care facility. The doctor must provide a medical report within ten days.

Deadlines and the Statute of Limitations

The worker cannot report any on-the-job injuries after the first thirty days. If the case progresses, the worker has a statute of limitations of one year to file a lawsuit. If any deadline or statute of limitations runs out the worker forfeits their right to start a claim and/or file a lawsuit.

Eligibility for Monetary Benefits

Eligibility for monetary benefits starts with the worker’s ability to complete light-duty work. If light-duty isn’t available, the worker must recuperate at home according to the instructions of their physician. Any worker who is not able to return to work after an on-the-job injury is eligible for monetary benefits. The benefits equate to about eighty to ninety percent of their wages. The only way that the worker is disqualified for the benefits is if they caused their own injuries.

Filing a Lawsuit Against the Insurer or Employer

If a lawsuit is filed, the worker presents their entire medical records for their injuries to the court. The initial claim is also evaluated by the court. The exact reason in which the claim’s adjuster denied the claim is reviewed, too. If the worker wins, they receive a large settlement based on the extent of their injuries and ability to work.

In Louisiana, a worker’s compensation insurance is required for all employers who hire more than one worker. The coverage must provide the full payment for all medical requirements for each injured worker. It must provide monetary benefits for all workers who are eligible. Workers who need advice about their claim contact Workers Compensation Attorneys by visiting right now. You can pay a visit to Facebook page for more information.

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